I meet u one day in the Internet,
in the most weird way,
i saw Ur picture and i knew there was something there,
i never though that something was going to happen then,
until the day u wrote to me how was my day,
everything stared in such a strange way,
i never though this will happen to me in this way,
after a few hours is like i knew u my whole life,
every time i message to u my heart was going so fast that i couldn’t control it,
after that day everything was growing between us,
we couldn’t go Thru the day without messages each other,
everything was going so fast,
i never though i will fall this way for u,
u came to my life like a angel falling from the sky,
to knock in the door of my heart,
i was so hurt and cold that u warmth My days and make me think that they are bright days in my painful life,
the only bad thing is that we are so far away
i will never give up in such a strong connection.
even if i have to go away.

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