Live Life, Love Life

Life is Fantasy

Life’s too short to let things lie,
And watch the time slip quickly by.
Never quite saying just what you mean,
Or visiting places you always wished you have seen.
Telling the ones that need to know,
How much you love them each time you go.
Not holding back on just how you feel,
But telling the world and making it real.
Enjoying yourself, living life to the full,
As it as a strange life, that often is cruel.
Kiss your children each night when they go to bed,
If you are a child, kiss your parents instead.
Never leave things on an angry note,
For time is precious, who knows what we’ve got
Don’t fall out or your bridges burn
For time is something that back you cant turn
So live every day as if it’s your last,
Let all the bad things remain in the past.
And every night as if its your first,
Live, laugh and love, you know its a must!
When you wake every morning, take a huge gulp of air,
Thank god above that you are still there,
Then carry on as instructed before,
For we never can tell when we’ll be no more.
But at least if we live life in the best possible way,
We’ll have no regrets at the end of our day.
Cause life is Fantasy so Live It Love It
Savor it well



3 thoughts on “Live Life, Love Life”

  1. I love what I just read, came home today from the hospital because I almost lost my dad to a heart attack I serve a mighty God all is doing well. Long day, but bless you.

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