Make your LOVE LAST The Distance !!

Couples who embark on long-distance relationships do so because they are convinced their love is far too special to just let fade away. But,deciding to stay together when you’re going to be oceans apart from each other is as much a leap of faith as it is a leap in the dark. Along-distance relationship is hard work, and keeping those feelings intact requires a great deal of effort in the form of commitment and patience. Communication, too, is key, whether you are 1000 or 10 000 miles from each other. It is important to continue to share your thoughts and emotions as you did when you were physically together, to help strengthen the bonds that have held your relationship together all the while. Here, five special ways to show your guy/girl that, despite the distance, he/she is still your NUMBER ONE!

Surprise your honey with a hand-written love letter revealing your innermost feelings. It doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself a good write; let love guide you and just let the words flow. Need inspiration?? Check out Passionate Love Letters; An Anthology Of Desire by Michelle Lovric. Letter writting is a lost art, which is why your guy/girl is bound to appreciate the effort you made putting pen to paper. be sure to use nice stationery, and spritz your letter with your favourite perfume before sealing the envelope.

Fire up those sexy memories with a naugthy phone conversation (use your best sex-kitten voice). You can start by saying you miss his/her touch and kisses, and that you can’t wait to feel his/her arms around you/make out with him or her/ (insert your sexy desire here). Take it further by exchanging sexy fantasies over the phone. Sharing such sweet intimacies verbally can help reinforce the attraction you feel towards each other.

Start a web log for your honey’s eyes only. A blog is a great tool for him to keep up-to-speed with what’s going on in your world. You can even share photos this way (but not of the racy sort as people can randomly find your blog even if you’ve kept the address private). A blog is an online journal, so keep the tone of your writting like that of a personal iary entry. Make sure he posts comments!

Make him a scrapbook of risque photos, complete with steamy captions. You don’t have to reveal all in order to get the sexy message across : even photos of you in a lovely lingerie and heels will be enough to get his pulse racing. (Warning! If you’re afraid your pics will show up on the ‘Net ahould your relationship sour, don’t put yourself at risk in the first place).Pictures taken together which will trigger alot of lovely memories are well recommended.

Send him/her a box of his/her favourite snacks, magazines, toiletries, and anything else you think he/she might need. He/She’ll be touched by the fact that you actually remember what he/she likes, and happier still because it probably isn’t everyday he/she gets nice surprises in the mail. Include a heartfelt note with the package, letting him/her know you’re thinking about him/her and that the contents were specially handpicked by YOU!


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