A is for apple, and B is for boat, That used to be right . . . but now it won”t float!

Age before beauty is what we once said, But let”s be a bit more realistic instead :

Now…The Alphabet

A”s for arthritis;
B”s the bad back,
C”s the chest pains , perhaps car-d-iac?
D is for dental decay and decline,
E is for eyesight, can”t read that top line!
F is for fissures and fluid retention,
G is for gas which you”d rather not mention.
H is high blood pressure-you”d rather it low;
I is for incisions with scars you can show.
J is for joints, out of socket, won”t mend,
k is for knees that crack when they bend.

L is for libido, what happened to sex?
M is for memory, you forget what comes next.
N is neuralgia, in nerves way down low;
o is for osteo, the bones that don”t grow!
P is for prescriptions, you have quite a few, Just take a pill and you”ll be good as new!
Q is for queasy, is it fatal or flu?
R is for reflux, one meal turns to two .
S is for sleepless nights, counting your fears,
T is for Tinnitus; there”s bells in your ears!
U is for urinary; big troubles with flow;
V is for vertigo, that”s “dizzy,” you know.
W is for worry, NOW what”s going “round?
X is for X ray, and what might be found.
Y is another year you”m left here behind,
Z is for zest that you still have– in your mind.

You”ve survived all the symptoms, your body”s deployed, And you are keeping twenty-six doctors fully employed!!!


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