I was alone and forgetting
That I was still hurt
My heart was recuperating
From that lost love

At the time I was just looking
In need of a friend
And when we started talking
Realizing was not there

Understanding was our thing
Discussing ideas was just natural
At the beginning I could not believe
I was running just to talk to you

Our friendship was going well
I was just really happy
To have found such a special way
Of connecting with somebody

And then I remember that day
It all became clear
The day picked by faith
To make our love real

It was ecstasy like no other
The time we would spend close
And distance did not matter
For our love was too strong

And then it all came down
The differences, the obstacles
The place, the age, religion
My doubts were unbelievable

You were there to hold me
When I came crashing down
You were there to make me
Understand what our love is about

That’s when it hit
I should not be worried
The hours, the mystery
It’s all in trusting each other

God has given me a gift
A wonderful creatureHe’s all
I want for me
He’s special, he’s beautiful

We connect with each other
Even to this very day
I love him like no other
He’s my every thing


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