Restless Dreams

A long night, A sleepless dream, A world where shadows fall.
A loneliness that fills the air, no answers to my call.

I search for you; I call your name, within my heart I hear.
The screaming sounds of silence, is more than I can bare.

These restless dreams that haunt my world, each night I feel alone.
I long to hold you close to me, our love forever shown.

Each morning when the sun shines bright and clouds so high above
I wonder if you thought of me, or heard my heart, my love.

Each afternoon I walk alone, my head up in the clouds.
When you’re not there beside me, I’m alone though in a crowd.

When dusk begins to settle in, I think of you my love.
I send my heart again to you, on wings of snow white doves.

As darkness falls and shadows rise, my spirits reach the sky.
I’ll hold you in my arms this night; you’ll be close by my side.

To kiss your lips, to feel you close, within your eyes I’m lost.
To hold you underneath the stars, your love is worth the cost.

So let me say with certainty again that which you know.
I love you now and always will, my love is not a show.

It’s yours to keep each night you sleep each day forever more.
Just know my love, you need no key, my hearts an open door.

2 thoughts on “Restless Dreams”

  1. hi
    i am somebody who is in love with love and really appreciate what you have written. I have written a little bit about my bolg is let me know what you think. this is a poem i have not posted in my blog.


    I am who i am, with you
    Love is all that I need from you
    Thoughts of you create smiles everywhere
    Dreaming about you makes me go haywire
    My love is the only ordeal
    The ordeal which has no deal

    I might not be the safest bet
    But you give me the strength to make me sweat
    I have never felt so good
    A feeling that I cannot forget
    My heart beats for you
    Oh dear, how can I live without you?

    I remember your words of true love
    Only wish to have your love
    You can never be remembered
    For you cannot be forgotten
    God is love and so are you
    You are my love, you are my freedom

  2. Hi bibinrk10,

    That’s a sweet poem .

    Please go ahead and post it. I am sure people would love to read it.

    Thanks for sharing it with me.

    Have a nice day.

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