WHY do GUYS change day by day…

It is a question which often arises in the minds of girls that why do guys change from day to day?

When a guy changes unpredictably mostly it happens because he is confused. Actually they are confused about what they really want from you, they just know one thing very clearly that they want you in their life.

Some guys are slow in understanding their relationship and are not sure about what they truly want beyond knowing you. In fact a guy who do acts like that, likes you, but the problem is he don’t know how much he like you and keep on assessing his inner feelings about you. So, he tries to do what it takes to keep you around him and when you get closer to him to the extent he is not ready for you to be he pushes you away.

You can do nothing to move forward a guy who is stuck in a situation like this. What you can do is to wait because the hesitancy he is dealing with has nothing to do with you.

Live your normal life and don’t close your heart for other guys, until that confused guy make his move and is ready to give you something solid to build your relationship.


3 thoughts on “WHY do GUYS change day by day…”

  1. This is almost exactly what I have been experiencing. Although I had other thoughts on his withdrawal, it could very well been the same situation you presented. I wish it were easy and clear/a manual to the man’s mind.


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