People Can Be So Cruel

People can be so cruel, so untrue,

Not everybody will follow by the rules,

At times it’s hard to play it cool,

Oh, they make us feel like  fools,

Getting us to fall for the things they say and do,

Lazys and crazys all around,

Nothing, nothing seems real anymore,

That’s hard to accept, there’s no respect,

Not everywhere, not here, not there ,

An imperfect world, full of imperfect people,

The ugliness of sadness is all around,

It’s everywhere around!

Innocence, innocence given and innocence taken,

It’s a horrible ugly thing, it happens but it shouldn’t happen,

Life is terrifying and life is wonderful,

Some of us just haven’t yet got the chance,

The chance to see the beautiful side of life,

Sometimes we take it for granted,

We stop believing and we stop praying,

We start saying, we’ve had enough and it’s time to give up,

Over someone or something,

Getting us to fall for the things they say and do,

Lazys and crazys all around,

But what more could I say,

Life is that way a lot of the time,

Oh yes, people can be so cruel,

Sometimes they don’t even realize the things that they say and do.


2 thoughts on “People Can Be So Cruel”

  1. I think that this is amazing. This definatly makes you think about what you see the most of, and i never really thought about it, i always liked to tell people ‘i’m optimistic’ but then i see all teh ugly stuff and it gets to me.

    Good job! Well written. You should totally stop by my blog and check it out.

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