Its difficult to understand a woman,
To understand her, you need to spend your life time
To understand her, you need to talk with her
But Still, It will be difficult for you to understand her
The best part of the woman, is to love her
Her love will make you cry
It will make you sorrow,
Even feeling the pain, inside your heat
You will never want to say good bye to her
Hold her hand and look at her face
You can see the seven wonder in front of you
Walk with a woman and watch her smile
And you can hear thousand tunes in your heart
Get caught in the trap of her eyes,
Get breathe in the fragnance of her hair
And get mad, if she looks back at you
Then you will know what a woman is all About
If you love her, never say “I Love You”
Because she will hate you
If you really want to show care
Never Say it in words, because
True Words are not enough for them
Your feelings and emotions
Your happiness and joy
Your motivation and Attitude
Will have meaning, if she is with you
If we understand her truly and if we look at the world
We will see the people with no heartbreaks, no sorrows
No Tears and no fightings because, you will
Undersand that, a Womans is just a Miracle.

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