Methods of Love….

Kiss on the ear = “I’m Horny”

Kiss on the cheek = “We’re Friends”

Kiss on the hand = “I Adore You”

Kiss on the shoulder = “I Want You”

Kiss on the lips = “I Love You”

Kiss on everywhere else = “Let’s get Busy”

Holding hands = “We Can Learn To Love Each Other”

A wink = “Let’s Get It On”

Slap on the butt = “Watch Out”

Playing with the ear = “I Can’t Live Without You”

Arms around the waist = “I Love You To Much To Let Go”

Pulling hair on head = “Tell Me You Love Me”

Looking into each other’s eyes = “Let’s Get Romantic”

Holding on tight = “Don’t Let Go”



As you left my side and walked away from me,

Life started fading into the shadow and darkness,

Lonely,deserted and abandoned is all I felt,

There was more pain to come of which I could only guess.

You just walked over my heart,

Shattering it into a million pieces,

As the I bleed out over,

The threshold of my suffering increases.

My love will always be for you,

Be you wherever,however,

But since you were the one to cut me,

For your love I ll bleed forever.

As time flies, the wound tries to heal,

But at the smallest mention of you,

It opens up as wide as it used to be,

But of the pain which was coming I knew.

As I nomore felt the pain and hate,

There was nobody else s love to feel,

The only one of whom I cared was you,

The wound that has been created you can only heal.


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