Verbal Foreplay…

How-to enjoy the benefits of aural foreplay!

For most people the act of talking during sex is quite intimidating. Usually a person is afraid they’ll say the wrong thing and kill the mood, or reveal a little too much about their desires. If you’re willing to overcome this fear you will find that an aural addition can incredibly heighten the sensual stimulation you’re both receiving. Many couples write in asking how can they add this enhancement to their current relationship. Here are a few pointers.

First, be sincere.

Nothing can kill the mood faster than scripted verse. Be honest about what you are saying and feeling. Your partner will definitely be able to notice if you’re not.

Talk about what you are feeling. This is an easy way to segue into verbal foreplay. If something feels good, tell your partner, and be specific about it. If you like it when they do something make sure to let them know.

Talk about what you would like. Take to heart the old saying, “If you ask for it you just might get it.” Tell your partner what you enjoy. (For example, “I like it when you…” or “Do it like…”)

Tell a fantasy. Open up a bit and tell your partner one of your fantasies. This can be a great turn on especially if you’re whispering into their ear while you’re making love.

Act out a character role. Sometimes being yourself can be intimidating. One way to get around that is to act in character.

There are many role-playing options such as doctor/nurse, slave/master, teacher/student, cop/robber, etc. You may find it easier to approach verbal arousal while in character.

Remember, if you’re uncomfortable doing something, just don’t do it. When you are ready here are a few suggestions of phrases that some people would enjoy hearing from their partners.

-Their name
-I love you
-I love being inside of you
-If I could to choose how to die, I’d want this to be last thing I ever felt.
-You are fantastic, you drive me insane, and I cannot get enough of your love.
-You’re beautiful.
-You feel wonderful.
-Oooh baby that feels so good!
-God you’re incredible
-I am your slave!
-I wish everyday could be like this.


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