Bolt’s home town parties after golden double

KINGSTON, Jamaica (Reuters) – Usain Bolt’s home parish was quickly into party mode after the big Jamaican clinched his second Olympic sprint gold medal in world record time in Beijing.

Parties sprung up like bush fires and sections of the north western parish of Trelawny were not planning on doing anything else but celebrate long into the Caribbean night following Bolt’s 200 meters triumph on Wednesday.

“There is a big motorcade in the town square of Falmouth that has been going on for more than two hours,” Bolt family friend and member of the local municipal council, Phillip Service, told Reuters by telephone.

“The town square was blocked for more than an hour before it cleared a bit but the celebrations are continuing.

“Some persons have placed desks in the road and placed a vast amount of liquor on them for everyone to drink and be merry. It is just like carnival down here,” Service said.

Bolt sped to victory in the 200 meters in a world record 19.30 seconds, to win his second Olympic gold medal in four days.

His father Wellesley left Jamaica for China late on Tuesday

to mark his son’s 22nd birthday on Thursday but friends and relatives of the sprint sensation are making plans for the celebration to continue.

“There will be a massive street dance in his home community of Sherwood Content later tonight,” Service said.

“We are also getting a committee together to plan a big home-coming celebration for whenever Usain decides to come home,” Service said.

President of the Trelawny Chamber of Commerce Dennis Seivright hailed Bolt’s performance as one that would lift the profile of the parish known for its production of yams and tourism.

“This will do us proud,” Seivright said.

“I was so excited. It was as if I had won the gold myself. This is truly amazing,” Seivright said.


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