Sunshine and shadows

Sunshine and shadows, forgiveness and grace,
Moon beams and star dust, all have their place,
In what God has made for all of mankind,
Until He comes at the end of all time.

Flowers and humming birds, love so divine,
Precious Creator, dear friend of mine,
Kittens and puppy dogs, children at play,
Remind us of God, who too made this day.

Wind that rustles, the leaves in the trees,
And to watch the flight of the bumble bees.
Clouds in the heavens, rolling so high,
Whispers of God, who is always near by.

Laughter and tears, beautiful hymns,
Go hand in hand, when we worship Him.
Love and faith, friend by my side,
Heaven awaits us with gates open wide.

Each moment goes by, like the set of the sun
Yes, our race here on earth will soon be run.
So walk each day slowly, spend each moment with care,
It’s God’s precious love, we all need to share.


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