AirAsia CEO blogs – malaysiakini

AirAsia CEO Datuk Tony Fernandes is the latest local personality to join the blogging community, with his blog The Entrepreneur.

In his first posting on Aug 28, he said he started the blog to keep in touch with people as his busy schedule prevented him from talking to everyone as often as he likes.

“It’s hard to stop and chat with those around me. Now with this blog, I not only have a space to say what I think and feel but also hear what you guys have to say as well.

“Blogging has always intrigued me. I have read quite a few blogs lately and find some of them pretty amusing,” he wrote on his blog.

His subsequent posting was a Merdeka message on Sept 3, where he expressed concern on the brain drain issue affecting the country.

“One of the key issues we face today is to stop great talent from leaving our wonderful country. A loss of even one talented Malaysian represents a drain to our great country,” he said.

Blogger Ahiruddin Attan, of, called Fernandes’ blog as a major landmark in Malaysian blogosphere.

Borrowing AirAsia’s tagline “Now, everybody can fly”, Ahiruddin said “Now, every CEO can blog”.


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