Why are people judged by their nationalities???

Well,  I have never seen  person as any other being but a human!  If you don’t mind, Nationalities differ from each culture thats why people judge people .

Nationality just differ us by the culture and the language we speak. We often judge people when there are differences, and unfamiliarity, but most people tend to change there opinions when the veil is lifted as our understanding of life matures. We gather information about nationalities, how people speak, dress, how they treat visitors, how they respond to difficulties. Then, when we get to know a person from a specific nationality, we compare that person against our ‘inner template’. Hopefully, if our heart is still open, we then use that comparison to inform and enrich the relationship.

Moreover, society plays a big role as it  has made it that way. I always see every person as a human and thats what we all should be doing. We tend to judge people by their nationalities since we come from different backgrounds and experience different things as we grow depending on the culture. Most countries are well recognized while others are not.

When two men are stood before you, one is an English man, the other is from Somalia. Who are you going to do business with? Its unfair, but common sense isn’t always fair, wisdom can discriminate and still be wise.

Even in minor ways. Like the Scots have the reputation of being really mean, the Irish are all expected to be hard drinkers & fight everyone, the Welsh are said to be dishonest & the English are – well, think I’ll pass on that…lol!  But joking apart, it is true. (sorry for my examples)  Nearly all of us are guilty of it some extent at times.

Many people tend to judge others by their Nationalities. I have been judged many a times by mine, I shall put this down to ignorance. I have met so many beautiful people. There are good and bad everywhere in this world and it has nothing what so ever to do with nationalites. I am proud to say that my parents taught me well, they taught me that we are all equal in this world.


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