Indian recipe – Puree

Take 1/4 kg wheat flour, add 1/2 tsp salt, 3 tsp oil and knead it well by adding water in steps so that it becomes soft.
Make this into smooth round even sized balls.Using a roller flatten the balls one by one to make it round and flat of medium thickness.
Deep fry this in oil till the poori pops fully and then remove it from the frying pan.
Side dish – Potato curry, Channa masala or Chappathi dal
Chappathi dal
Vegetables:cauliflower, cabbage, potato – combined – 200g, onion – medium,tomato – small – 1, green chillie – 3, moong dal – 100g, salt – 1/4 tsp, mustard – 1/4 tsp, urud dal – 1/2 tsp, curry leaves – 1 twig.
Cut any of the vegetables,add chopped onions, chopped tomato,green chillies(cut into half lengthwise), and moong dal.Add water until the mixture is just immersed and steam in a pressure cooker.Add splattered mustard seeds, urud dal and curry leaves after removing

Channa masala
Soak 100g channa dal for 8 hours and steam in a pressure cooker until it is overcooked.Grind a tomato,1 onion,few coriander and mint leaves, 1 tsp cumin seeds.Heat 2 spoons of oil and add a cup of chopped onions and the ground mixture.Add salt to taste, 1/4 tsp red chiili powder and the steamed channa dal and fry until everything mixes well. Add a tsp odf garam masala powder and a bunch of fresh coriander leaves. Place a piece of lime with it while serving.

Potato curry
Potatoes – 1/2 kg, onions – 100g, green peas – 100g, mustard seeds – 1 tsp, urud dal – 1 tsp, green chillies – 3 small, curry leaves – 1 twig, salt – 1/2 tsp.
Boil the potatoes fully, peel and mash them. Heat some oil and add mustard seeds and urud dal.Add finely cut onions, fresh green peas and fry until the onions turn transparent. Add some fine pieces of green chillies and add the mashed potatoes, salt and fry.Add some curry leaves.



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