Raja Petra trial: Court rejects application to amend charge -Malaysiakini

The Sessions Court here rejected an application by the prosecution to amend the sedition charge levelled at Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin.

The prosecution had applied to include the website address and title of the allegedly seditious article in the appendix of the charge.

The judge rejected the application after the defence team raised an objection.

Raja Petra claimed trial to publishing a seditious article on his website on April 25.

Last Friday, Shah Alam High Court judge Justice Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad freed Raja Petra after finding that his two-year detention order under the Internal Security Act ISA was unlawful.

He had been in detention for more than a month over another article he had published on Malaysia Today that allegedly ridiculed Islam.

In KUALA LUMPUR, Bernama reports that the High Court on Monday allowed an application by Raja Petra to withdraw his habeas corpus application of Sept 16 for release from ISA custody.

Justice Suraya Othman granted the application after Raja Petra’s counsel Malek Imtiaz Sarwar made an oral application to the court on Monday.

“My client instructed me to withdraw it (the application) in view of the Shah Alam High Court decision to free him from the two-year ISA detention order,” Malek Imtiaz told the court.

Suraya said that since the matter had become academic, the court was allowing the application and that it was up to Raja Petra, if he wished, to seek civil action over his detention.

Earlier, Senior Federal Counsel Najib Zakaria said the Home Ministry and the Kamunting Detention Centre had no objection to Raja Petra’s application.

Raja Petra filed the habeas corpus application on Sept 16 on the grounds that his detention was unlawful and that the home minister had contravened the Federal Constitution with his action.


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