Love is…..


Love shouldn’t have a reason . Love has to grow in us for some time and you would never know what’s happening until it reaches your nerves one fine day and you find that the one your in love with ,is the person whom you have been with  for quite some time. Wonder how arranged marriages work ?  Maybe years back things were abit ok , but an arranged marriage where in a GUY/GAL who knew very little before hand get to start a new life . I see alot of love marriages fail too. It’s not marriages that fail people , but its about people who fail marriages.

It’s true that man and woman belong to  two different planets in their way of thoughts , belief and way of living. It has become highly imperative that you understand each other well and have mutual respect for the other persons feelings, thoughts and freedom . The moment the other person starts giving a different perspective to what the first person said , its assumed as the dawn of an argument. It gets personal there  instantly.

Sometimes the problem with most of us is, whenever someone tells us something , instead of listening to what is said , we start preparing to give answers on what we feel about the same there by missing the whole point , on what is said. It’s easy to tell that I’m in love but to prove and stand by what I meant  needs a life time.

We should accept the people for the way they are  though it is good to speak what ever you feel very openly , do be reminded of the fact that it can hurt people alot . It might not be alright when you say sorry . Words can be too personal and it can affect a relationship to a great extent. It’s better to keep one’s mouth shut whenever some weird thoughts creeps across  the mind . They may be just passing cloud.

Understanding, trust, care and maturity to face everyday’s problem and move on gracefully in life is a MUST.

It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to truly practice.It is the secret to true love. To truly practice it, you must sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love, and yet an unconditional caring.

To love and be loved the unconditional way , We need to be blessed

It’s easy to  get into into a relationship … it’s easy to break from a relationship … but it’s really tough to be in a relationship for life and live happily.

  • Give and don’t expect
  • Advise, but don’t order.
  • Ask, but never demand.

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