Life is like a curveball

Life…finds ways to throw you all kinds of curveballs. Sometimes, you just don’t understand if its meant to be good, bad, indifferent..OR perhaps its thrown to you for you to curve it the way you see fit..without even knowing (do I sound like a raving lunatic yet?)
I take everything thats thrown to me and work with it..because, well, what else are you going to do.
I’m a very strong person…but I’m also a person. I think sometimes people lose site of that. But that’s ok because I know that I am. I know my cape comes out sometimes, but hey, so does Batmans..and he’s human, lol life always seemed to be alot like a rubix cube…and I was constantly striving to put all the colours where they belong. But for some reason, today, I think there’s beauty in letting the colours blend. It feels good…it freeing. What am I saying?? The hell if I know, lol but I felt the need to say it. You never know when it may help someone else.
I think its important to know YOUR limitations and let them be yours..not what others dictate to you. Everyone has a ceiling..Use your ceiling to pace yourself to attain your goals. It took along time for me to get to that place in my brain.
We often times complain about life..but I’ll tell ya..regardless of what I go through..I’m alive..I’m learning , living, laughing, crying, playing. Life is NOT just trying to get is not just complaining about what you don’t have. Love what you do have breathe…that is priceless. I feel like total crap right now..but I’m smiling..because I’m here..and if I were dead, I’d feel nothing..and THAT is whats really crappy, I’m good..sick and all..
you’ve gotta love’s like a  little curve ball…

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