Frenchbean Omelette


You can cook many varieties of omelettes. Fresh prawns omelette, Onion omelette,  chicken omellete (cut into small pieces) or sausage omelette ( cut into small pieces). Just add in any food of your choice  and yummy you get a new flavour.

Frenchbean Omelette

Take a hand full of French beans, 4 eggs , 1/3 teaspoon salt, 3 -4 tbsps cooking oil.

 Cut frenchbeans slanting, to about 5cm length.

Beat the eggs  and leave aside.

Heat up the wok, put in 2 table spoon cooking oil, and add the French beans and salt and stir till beans turn darker green in color.

Spread out the French beans on the wok, and pour in the egg.

Flip over when brown and drip in the remaining oil on the side to prevent egg from sticking to the pan or wok.

Dish  out when both sides are nicely browned.

It’s best to use a non stick wok.


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