Steam fish with dried mushroom


Use fish like grouper and pomfret where the meat is very tasty.

Fish (give a slit in the centre).


5-10 dried mushroom

4 tsps oil.

4 tsps soy sauce.

1 tsp sugar

Stalk of Chinese parsley



Soak dried mushroom at least for 2 hours.

Cut and discard the mushroom stalk, slice the mushroom into ½ cm thick strips.  Squeeze out the water. 

Put mushroom in a bowl and add in sugar, soya sauce, and sesame oil, leave it to season for 30 mins. (this is an important step so that the mushroom taste good after steaming)

If processing whole fish (eg pomfret, or small grouper), de-scale the fish, and remove the gut and gills. If processing fillet, just rinse with water.  Drain dry.

Rub some salt on the fish surface, (and the gut wall if whole fish is used). 

Put fish on a steaming plate, and lay mushroom and sauce on top of the fish, and some into the gut.

Make sure that the steamer is already on high heat and full steam.   Steam the fish for 10  – 15 mins under high heat.  

Wash and chop the parsley into strips, lay them on the cooked fish while hot. 


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