A New Day..

So unexpected, A welcomed surprise…
You entered my life, Yet with such cloudy skies.
A heart in its healing, A soul made to hold…
A bond in creation, More precious than gold.

If this life is eternal and there’s truly no end.
I’ll be thankful each day, I could call you my friend.
Seems that I wasn’t looking, So I couldn’t see
What I might have missed, Had you never found me.

I thank you for this, With much more than my heart
My puzzle was lacking while you were the part.
I am searching for words I might seek to repay
The gift of your friendship You gave yesterday.

I wish I could take, All the pain from inside
And exchange with a smile, every teardrop you’ve cried.
Or by taking the hurt, In your soul that you feel,
I could turn into words, That would help you to heal…

If you look through your heart, with your soul and your mind
A candle is burning, like no other kind.
The flame of your passion, your will to hold on
A feeling so deep and worth stumbling upon.

The heat will not burn you, It’s a warmth from your soul
So relax, close your eyes as you feel it console.
But if you should forget, The path that it takes,
Forgive of yourself, For we all make mistakes.

I will give you my hand, I will help find your way
Just remember each sunrise, begins a new day…


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