A woman is  beautiful beyond any doubt. A woman is a unique creature  with special attributes that no other woman possesses.

Many women keep their true beauties hidden. When she  acknowledges her “hidden” beauty, she  gives herself  permission and confidence to see herself  as beautiful.

A myth is that being attractive can be measured by a scale or can be described in words. Beautiful is an impression, which a woman leaves on others, and that impression is the true reflection of many fine characteristics of her own personality and inner charm and qualities.

Different cultures have deified beauty, typically in female forms (the reason for which is probably that most well known mythologies were conceived of and standardized by heterosexual men).

But whatever, a beautiful  woman is beautiful!



One thought on “Woman”

  1. Why only a beautiful woman? Every woman is beautiful. God or nature has given every woman some charm however dark or however fair.
    However short or however tall. However slim or however fat.

    I have rarely found an ugly woman. Every woman I see reminds me of what some Japanese guy said long, long ago. He believed that every woman is like a new book. A new story, each different from the one before or next. Each with it’s own style. Each is a new journey, a new thriller. This kind of made me not to generalize women. But there are generalities also.

    Anyway I love women. Today, I feel, I am what I am because of women. They have shaped my career. So, I am always soft on women.

    There are a lot of other theories that make their rounds on women. Now that becomes a complex world. Some myths are broken. Some startling facts are revealed. But that’s another story for another day.

    Take care. Have a charming day.

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