Grateful Attitude


Why do we always complain? Don’t we know  how to cultivate a grateful spirit regardless of what circumstances not just when the things are going  our way  but in everything?

Grateful attitude never develop automatically. We must cultivate them and train them much like programming a computer. If we set ourselves up with the right programming, we will get the right results. The good news is we can program our attitudes with gratitude so that we can reap wonderful results. 

We learn the secret of being thankful for what GOD has already done for us, regardless of how things may appear to us though personally I admit its very hard but  willingness to practice the attitude of being thankful.  We must cultivate this spirit before we receive any favors or  win any kind of compititions or before someone is kind to us .  GOD will bless all the hearts of people who are moved by this. We can be a channel of blessings in many ways.  

We must train ourself to be  positive oriented because we are just one attitude away from a great life. 


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