Tribute to Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

aaaaaThursday, when Michael Jackson died, people across the country and around the world had a lot of questions. Below is a summary of some of the most popular lookups surrounding the untimely death of the King of Pop…

1. Who dubbed Jackson the “King of Pop”?: Searches on Jackson’s famous nickname surged an astounding 3,645% yesterday. Related searches on who came up with the phrase were also extremely popular. While most believe that Jackson anointed himself “The King of Pop,” according to sources on the Web, Elizabeth Taylor actually coined the phrase at a 1989 awards gala. Jackson is rumored to have insisted that MTV call him by his royal nickname.

2. When did Elvis die?: The sudden and tragic death of Jackson brought back memories of another king who died too soon. Queries on “death of elvis,” “when did elvis die,” and “how did elvis die” all surged into breakout status. For the record, Presley passed away on August 16, 1977. He was 42 when he died of an apparent drug overdose. Also surging in search: “When did John Lennon die.” The Beatle was killed on December 8, 1980.

3. Heart attack vs. cardiac arrest: Reports that Jackson had died of cardiac arrest spurred incredible interest in the difference between that and a heart attack. A heart attack is when a portion of the heart muscle dies due to a blockage of the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle. Cardiac arrest is when the heart actually stops beating. This can be caused by several things including medications and can also follow a heart attack if too much of the heart muscle dies.

4. How to do the moonwalk?: Jackson’s signature step surged 56,873% on Thursday. Reminded of Jackson’s heyday, people looked up tips on how to perform the move. An article from WikiHow gives would-be Jackos a step-by-step set of instructions, but you may find viewing a video from the master much more informative (if a bit intimidating).

5. Order of Michael Jackson’s albums: There was also an instant surge of lookups for MJ’s discography. All told, he released 10 albums. They were, in order: Got to Be There; Ben; Music and Me; Forever, Michael; Off the Wall; Thriller; Bad; Dangerous; HIStory; and Invincible. Jackson’s biggest seller was, of course, Thriller.

6. What is vitiligo?: Though many believed that Jackson bleached his skin, the star actually suffered from vitiligo, a skin disorder that leads to de-pigmentation. You can learn more about the effect it had on Jackson and his revealing 1993 interview with Oprah from this article from CNN.

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (1983) [Motown 25 Live]

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Michael Jackson-Bad (Full Version) Part I

Bad (Full Version – Part 2)

They Don’t Care About Us

How to moon walk like Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson – Earth song


3 thoughts on “Tribute to Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009”

  1. very nice
    why dont you record your moonwalk dance and participate on the michael jackson tribute – Moonwalking to heaven on youtube!

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