Blessed Be Your Name (worship video w/ lyrics)

 Great song! Bless all people who like this song! GOD IS LOVE


Live CNN Tsunami Japan

Now, I can tell you as a scientist, if I heard a plant was venting out some radiation and they were watering if for a meltdown, even though the levels might be small, it is an issue of caution. Though it probably isn’t extremely hazardous right now, that’s not a happy situation, and it could turn ugly if the situation gets out of control.

Tsunami – Watch NHK World Live TV from Japan.

I hope all the people alive, find strength to keep on going..
I hope all the people that are hurt are getting the medical attention they need..
I hope the ones that died are being found and identified so their loved ones around the world can have somewhat of a peace..
I hope the rest of us learn to appreciate everything we have after seeing how quickly it can all be taken away…