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Happy New Year 2010

May you get a clean bill of health from your dentist, your cardiologist, your gastro-enterologist, your urologist, your proctologist, your podiatrist, your psychiatrist, your plumber and the I.R.S.

May your hair, your teeth, your face-lift, your abs and your stocks not fall; and may your blood pressure, your triglycerides, your cholesterol, your white blood count and your mortgage interest not rise.

May New Year’s Eve find you seated around the table, together with your beloved family and cherished friends. May you find the food better, the environment quieter, the cost much cheaper, and the pleasure much more fulfilling than anything else you might ordinarily do that night.

May what you see in the mirror delight you, and what others see in you delight them. May someone love you enough to forgive your faults, be blind to your blemishes, and tell the world about your virtues.

May the telemarketers wait to make their sales calls until you finish dinner, may the commercials on TV not be louder than the program you have been watching, and may your check book and your budget balance – and include generous amounts for charity.

May you remember to say “I love you” at least once a day to your spouse, your child, your parent, your siblings; but not to your secretary, your nurse, your masseuse, your hairdresser or your tennis instructor.

And may we live in a world at peace and with the awareness of God’s love in every sunset, every flower’s unfolding petals, every baby’s smile, every lover’s kiss, and every wonderful, astonishing, miraculous beat of our heart.


Difference Between Cold and Influenza A (H1N1)


Know the difference!

Make an informed decision and take the right action!
Understand the difference between Cold & Influenza A (H1N1):
Common Cold
Influenza A (H1N1)
Characteristic, high (38° C) lasts 3-4 days
General Ache
Pains Usually Slight
Often Severe
Very Mild
Can last up to 2-3 weeks
Extreme Exhaustion
Early and Prominent
Running/Stuffy Nose
Severe, without phlegm in the beginning
Sore Throat
Chest Discomfort
Mild to moderate hacking cough
Common: Can become severe


People with symptoms of flu MUST  stay away from public places.

Trouble Like a Pebble



A small trouble is like a pebble. Hold it too close to your eye and it fills the whole world and puts everything out of focus. Hold it at a proper distance and it can be examined and properly classified. Throw it at your feet and it can be seen in its true setting, just one more tiny bump on the pathway of life.

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Over The Years

It’s sad that Michael Jackson’s pictures ended in 2009


Michael Jackson 2009
Michael Jackson 2008

Michael Jackson 2007

Michael Jackson 2006

Michael Jackson 2005

Michael Jackson 2004

Michael Jackson 2003

Michael Jackson 2002

Michael Jackson 2001

Michael Jackson 2000

Michael Jackson 1999

Michael Jackson 1998

Michael Jackson 1997

Michael Jackson 1996

Michael Jackson 1995

Michael Jackson 1994

Michael Jackson 1993

Michael Jackson 1992

Michael Jackson 1991

Michael Jackson 1990

Michael Jackson 1989
Michael Jackson 1988

Michael Jackson 1987

Michael Jackson 1986

Michael Jackson 1985

Michael Jackson 1984

Michael Jackson 1983

Michael Jackson 1982

Michael Jackson 1981

Michael Jackson 1980

Michael Jackson 1979

Michael Jackson 1978

Michael Jackson 1977

Michael Jackson 1976

Michael Jackson 1975

Michael Jackson 1974

Michael Jackson 1973

Michael Jackson 1972

Michael Jackson 1971

Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 in 1970

Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 in 1969

Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 in 1968


Video tribute to Michael Jackson 1958-2009


Michael Jackson was a child prodigy, a musical genius and one of the most idolised artists in the world. From a precocious child with the Jackson Five to a global pop icon, the ‘King of Pop’ has long been a source of fascination for his fans and the media. He became the first African-American entertainer to amass a strong crossover following on MTV.

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us

Michael Jackson – Streetwalker

Michael Jackson – Bad (full version 7min)

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Michael Jackson feat Akon Tf1 2008 wanna be starting (VIDEO)

Michael Jackson-Unbreakable

Michael Jackson – Beat It

Michael Jackson – Thriller

The Jackson 5- Never Can Say Goodbye

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (1983) [Motown 25 Live]

Michael Jackson’s Best Dance At M TV Music Award Function

Michael Jackson : Black Or White :Full Version Bass Amplify

Michael Jackson – Black or White

Michael Jackson Dangerous

Michael Jackson – Heartbreak Hotel (This Place Hotel) [FanVid]

Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Michael Jackson-In the closet

Michael Jackson-Paralyzer



Scientific name H1N1 to swine flu

The World Health Organization announced Thursday it will would stop using the term “swine flu” to avoid confusion over the danger posed by pigs. The policy shift came a day after Egypt began slaughtering thousands of pigs in a misguided effort to prevent swine flu.

WHO spokesman Dick Thompson said the agriculture industry and the U.N. food agency had expressed concerns that the term “swine flu” was misleading consumers and needlessly causing countries to ban pork products and order the slaughter of pigs.

“Rather than calling this swine flu … we’re going to stick with the technical scientific name H1N1 influenza A,” Thompson said.

The swine flu virus originated in pigs, and has genes from human, bird and pig viruses. Scientists don’t know exactly how it jumped to humans. In the current outbreak, WHO says the virus is being spread from human to human, not from contact with infected pigs.

Egypt began slaughtering its roughly 300,000 pigs Wednesday even though experts said swine flu is not linked to pigs and not spread by eating pork. Angry farmers protested the government decree.

In Paris, the World Organization for Animal Health said Thursday “there is no evidence of infection in pigs, nor of humans acquiring infection directly from pigs.”

Killing pigs “will not help to guard against public or animal health risks” presented by the virus and “is inappropriate,” the group said in a statement.

China, Russia, Ukraine and other nations have banned pork exports from Mexico and parts of the United States, blaming swine flu fears.

Most in the Muslim world consider pigs unclean animals and do not eat pork because of religious restrictions. The farmers in Egypt raise the pigs for consumption by the country’s Christian minority.

WHO also reported the number of confirmed swine flu cases rose to 257 worldwide Thursday, with cases in Mexico rising to 97 from 26, with seven deaths. The WHO confirmed tally from the United States now stands at 109, with one death.

Other confirmed cases include 34 in Canada, 13 in Spain, eight in Britain, three each in Germany and New Zealand, two in Israel and one each in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

WHO raised the pandemic flu alert to phase 5 on Wednesday, one step away from the highest level indicating a global outbreak. WHO flu chief Keiji Fukuda said Thursday there were no indications in the past day that would prompt the U.N. body to raise the alert further.

To move from pandemic alert level 5 to level 6 means that WHO believes there is evidence of big outbreaks in at least two world regions and a pandemic is under way.

Fukuda said the jump in confirmed cases from Mexico was probably the result of scientists working their way through a backlog of untested samples from suspected cases.

“They are going through several thousands of laboratory specimens right now,” he said.

WHO has started distributing its stockpile of 2 million treatments of the antiviral drug Tamiflu to regional offices, which will decide where to send them next.

Many of those drugs will go to developing countries that don’t have stockpiles of their own and some will be sent to Mexico, Fukuda said, without providing figures.