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Brighten your day and your love life with these romantic ways to start the day!

1. Give your love a lingering good morning kiss.

2. Put a love note inside your love’s morning paper.

3. Lay a flower on your love’s towel.

4. Using a toothpick, write the words, “I love you!” on their soap bar.

5. Using an anti-fog medium, write “I love you!” on the bathroom mirror.

6. Take your morning shower together.

7. Surprise your love, with breakfast in bed.

8. Call to say, “I love you.”

9. Wake your partner up with a kiss.

10. Leave a gift next to your partner to find when they wake up.

11. Let the first words your partner hears in the day be a reason why you love them.

12. Cuddle for at least five minutes before getting up.

13. Wake up thirty minutes early so you have time to spend together before going to work.

14. Give your partner bedside service by bringing them a cup of coffee, their favorite section of the newspaper and a plate of fruit or muffins.

15. Set up a romantic bath or shower for your love.