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All I want for Christmas is you LIVE 2004 by Mariah Carey

All i want for christmas is for christmas to come.  All I want for Christmas is you LIVE 2004 by Mariah Carey.  “MERRY CHRISTMAS’



Music can play an important roll in romance and our lives.  Think of how different kinds of music can make you feel.  When you are driving down the road on a sunny day with the windows down listening to an upbeat song from your youth, you may feel adventurous and carefree. You probably sing along and re-live old memories.  On the other hand, when listening to music with sweet, loving words, or perhaps a slow ballad, you may feel sentimental and romantic.  Many songs  remind us of how we met special people in our lives.  Some songs just remind us of how we feel.  We enjoy putting on our favorite music while  having a candlelight dinner, when our mood is down or happy or even when our time is occupied doing other things. Music plays an important role as it reminisce about our lives.